Solange Blachefleur de Lux
Gender Female
Affiliation DeLuxia
Occupation Princess of DeLuxia
Family King Golgius de Lux (Father)
Schwartz Dunkelheit de Lux (Brother)
Weapon DeLuxcalibur
Voice Actor Laura Bailey (English)

Solange Blanchefleur de Lux is the Princess of DeLuxia and the guardian of the sacred blade DeLuxcalibur. She is the main protagonist of Code of Princess.


Solange is a slim young woman with blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair reaching down to her waist. She wears a small Princess' crown on her head. Her outfit is extremely revealing as her large breasts are partially covered by a special armor-like pasties, the outfit also exposes her midriff. She wears armored elbow guards and gloves which are lined with a frill. She wears a belt around her thighs and a pair of white panties, the back of this has a hem that extends down to her feet. She wears knee high white strap high heel sandals. She also wears a golden garter on her left leg. Why her father lets her wear that, who knows.


Solange is friendly and kind hearted but is also quite naive, being especially trustful of others. She is extremely polite to the extent that she apologizes to her enemies after hurting them. She has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, changing to a serious mindset when her father entrusts her with the DeLuxcalibur. This makes her highly passionate towards the protection of DeLuxia and its people. She rarely shows fear and is highly determined to restore balance to her world. She tends to get angry when others make fun of her highly revealing outfit, as she insists that it is a "royal gown".


When the Kingdom of DeLuxia was under attack by monsters and the Distron Army, King Golgius entrusts Solange with the mission to protect the DeLuxcalibur. She lifts the sword from its pedestal and activates it's power. In the aftermath she meets Ali-Baba, the former leader of a band of thieves, who informs her that DeLuxia had fallen. Though disheartened, she takes the sword and vows to save the world.

In "Scavengers" Solange and Ali attempt to flee the capital, and are caught by the Distron Army, whom then attack, accusing the two for looting. After this the boss of the battle runs off only to run back in "Troll Patrol" with trolls that need to be fought to continue, saying that Queen Distiny controls these monsters. When she says the trolls are angered she suggests that "maybe they need a hug". Upon the trolls defeat, the duo begins their journey to Peridot Village.

The party makes a shortcut through the cemetery in "Zombie Sighting" in which they see multiple members of the Distron Army harassing a girl whom appears to be made of an array of parts. They continue to heckle her and call her a "zombie" then saying that it is a crime to be a zombie. She gets infuriated and reveals that she is a necromancer, and Solange is angered by the Distron Army heckling this girl. After defeating the army the girl nestles up close to Solange's sword, saying that she feels sword warmth. She reveals herself as Zozo, then deciding to go with the group, joining their party.

Though they make it to Peridot Village in "Peridot Village" they are found by soldiers and have to fight to continue. In the next main quest, "Eluda's Tavern, they meet an upcoming sage, Allegro Nantabile Cantabile, whom joins them after Ali points out they need a healer, although much to her dislike. They are then found by two Distron Army soldiers, Emble and Semble, in which they fight Semble to continue, then told by Eluda to tack the east gate out of town it will keep them off the main road. The party then continues through side streets to get to the East Gate off of the main roads.

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