Voice Actor (English):

Sam Riegel

Voice Actor (Japanese):

Yu Kobayashi





Allegro Nantabile Cantabile is one of the characters in the game Code of Princess. He's one of four playable characters throughout Campaign Mode


"We should celebrate my latest victory with a song..."

This elvish bard and prankster will do whatever it takes to stay out of harm's way. He joins the party of Princess Solange.

He often runs away from Marco Neko because of his debt, some may find him cowardly or annoying, his claims at being a sage are too tempting for the party to pass up!

This elf is usually the lite of the game he will say things that will make you laugh like "Believe me, I learned a lot of hiding spots running away from Marco Neko...Er,I mean running away from my female fans! Yeah! Those girls in the capital are wild...!" and "We're surrounded! Every sage for himself!" and "Remind me not to piss these two off..."

During the game Allegro makes up a new song on his guitar actually when he first joins the group the song is called "The Sage and the Wenches Three".

Allegro often will strike a cord hear and then on his guitar which makes tings interesting in my opinion. His guitar his also strangely his weapon so he does "Rock and Roll" on his guitar when you fight very interesting.