Ali baba



Voice Actor (English):

Cindy Robinson

Voice Actor (Japanese):

Ryoko Shiraishi



Ali-Baba is one of the characters in the game Code of Princess. She is one of four playable characters throughout Campaign Mode.


She was once the ruler of a group of Thieves until she was overthrown by her second-in-command. Now on her own, she is looking for a purpose which she believes that she might've found when she meets Solange.

Upon Meeting Solange she asks for compensation for saving her, Specifically The sword Solange has with her. And Says As A Thief, Has Gotta make a Living' Somehow and Solange Explaining The situation to her about the sword and Ali-baba explaining the Castle's Surrender. After The Explanations given Ali-baba lets her keep the sword and teams up with Solange anyway.

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