Alchemia (Appearence)
Gender Female
Affiliation Distron Army
Occupation Magician
Family Lady Zozo
Weapon Staff.
Voice Actor Wendee Lee.
Cocoa Macchiato (also known as Alchemia) is one of the characters in the game Code of Princess.


This young, but powerful, mage is a master of the unhallowed arts. Her staff was created from the bones of the Mammoth Dragon. Where she got this relic from is currently unknown.


Cocoa's true appearence consists of ginger-red hair, pale skin, and a slim build.She is seen to be wearing what looks like a violet nightgown with a matching cap and bunny slippers.She is also seen holding a bunny that matches the slippers.


Alchemia appears to be very narcissistic, as she took her sister's body once hers was taken by Queen Distiny she took over her younger sister's. This is also shown when she tells Liongate to tell Distiny of his failure himself. She is also shown like this as she kills Distiny to get her body back at the end of the game.

Throughout the game she also appears to be quite child-like in personality, as she often appears to have a happy demeanor and is sassy and kind of arrogant in some situations, for example her voice and commenting on how pathetic Distille was. She also show this in when she talks about how "she can't believe she put up" with Distiny that long.

Alchemia may also be a sadist, as she talks about how she will make Distiny's death long and drawn out, then not even paying attention to begs of mercy and how she then demands for her body back, which can only occur with Distiny's death.